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Why Repairing Your iPhone Through Insurance Is More Expensive than Repair Centers’ Prices

If you recently bought a new phone, especially one of the latest models from Apple like the iPhone 12 max and mini, you were probably encouraged to buy iPhone insurance. You will need iPhone repair at some point, the logic goes, so why not pay in advance to cover those costs? The problem is that iPhone insurance may not actually save you money. Here is why you should look for iPhone repair near me rather than pay for monthly coverage.

How iPhone Insurance Works

Wait¸ you may be thinking, isn’t iPhone insurance free? Apple does offer 90 days of free tech support to new users. If you are a person who gets a new phone with every update and does not damage your device often, this may be enough for you.

For people who are planning to have their phone longer than a year, Apple tries to pitch their iPhone insurance, called AppleCare+. This plan provides two accidental damage fixes every year. AppleCare+ also gives you express replacement service and priority to tech support experts 24/7. They even have an additional plan that covers theft and loss.

iPhone insurance sounds good, right? Wrong. There’s a big catch to all of this. Not only do you have to pay for the insurance plan, but you also have to pay every time you use it for iPhone repair. As of December 2020, screen damage costs $29 and any other damage is $99. Losing your phone or having it stolen costs you $149.

Why iPhone Repair Shops Are Cheaper

When you have insurance coverage, you pay a monthly fee whether you use it or not. If you need the plan to fix or replace your phone, there is an additional charge on top of that. All these payments start to add up quickly when it comes to iPhone insurance.

On the other hand, when you get your iPhone repair done at a repair shop, you are only paying for the damage that has been done. If you never break your phone, you never have to pay. Even if you do crack the screen or mess up the battery port, the price is lower than the price of AppleCare+. You save the money you would have spent on iPhone insurance plus the expensive Apple repair cost.

There is another thing that iPhone repair near me saves you besides money: time. Even if you use Apple’s express repair service, you may still have to send your phone away. This leaves you without a device for days or weeks. Few people can go about their daily tasks at work and home without their phone.

With iZeek Repair, all repairs are done right in the shop. You come in with your phone and leave with your phone. There is no need to send your device away for weeks on end. Simply bring in your iPhone for repair, and a little while later, you can take it home as good as new.

iPhone Repair Near Me

Looking for iPhone repair without the unnecessary cost of iPhone insurance? iZeek Repair is here to help! located in 1890 Dixwell Ave Hamden CT across from home depot. The repair services are fast, cheap, and reliable. Most problems can be fixed within an hour. The next time you need iPhone repair, think "Take it iZeek" first. Simply go to Here and get a quick quote online

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