iZeek is a growing company founded by two technicians who had a vision.

Easy, fast and affordable services by putting the main focus in our customers care.

iZeek is known to provide fast and outstanding customer service.


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iZeek Repair N Fix  is an Independent Service Company and is no way affiliated with Apple, Inc.

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Computer Services.

Virus Removal




Is your PC infected with spyware or a virus? iZeek certified technicians can find and remove all infections without you losing all of your files.

Installation / Recovery



Has your operating system crashed or do you just want to restore it to the factory shipped condition? iZeek certified technicians make your computer like new again.

Tune up Service



Is your computer running slow or frequently crashing? iZeek certified technicians will use a variety of techniques and can get your PC or laptop running fast again.




Are you experiencing PC or laptop problems that you can’t explain? iZeek certified technicians can diagnose and repair your unknown computer problems.