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10 Common Habits That Are Likely to Ruin Your iPhone Battery Life

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If you have an older phone, you might soon need an iPhone battery replacement. iPhone battery life decreases down over time, and the deterioration is faster with older iPhone models. Still, there are things you can do to put off battery replacement for a while longer. Here are 10 common habits you probably have that are ruining your iPhone battery life.

1. Searching for signal

One of the number one things that kills your iPhone battery life is searching for a signal in a low signal area. You can help prevent this situation by turning off your WiFi unless you are connected to a network. Just use airplane mode when there isn’t enough signal for your data to work anyway. Only your data or your WiFi needs to be on at any given time, not both.

2. Too many notifications

Constant notifications can wear down your iPhone battery health over time. Leave notifications on for just things you genuinely need to be notified about. Your phone battery with thank you.

3. Brightness

Smartphones have auto-brightness for a reason. The feature keeps your screen visible while also saving you from needing an early iPhone battery replacement. A super bright screen all the time causes serious battery wear.

4. Not using low power mode

Again, this is another feature that is there for a reason. Low power mode allows your iPhone battery life to adjust according to the percentage it is at and prevents it from further damage.

5. Extreme temps

Speaking of damage, you know that exposing your phone to water is a big issue. Extreme hot and cold are also problematic. If you let your phone freeze or overheat, expect to be seeking battery replacement soon.

6. Constantly quitting apps

Opening and closing applications requires a bit of battery power. Repeated actions like that can damage your iPhone battery life. Leave apps open while you use them instead of closing the whole thing between every new Snapchat or text.

7. Using data when WiFi is available

WiFi is better for your battery than data. It’s also cheaper in most cases, so there are two good reasons you should use it.

8. Charging when the battery is full

Once your battery is full, unplug your phone. Keeping it plugged into the charger past 100 percent can damage the battery. It is better to charge your phone during the day, even if it is in short bursts, than overnight when it will stay plugged in fully charged for hours.

9. Letting your phone die

Allowing your phone to dwindle all the way down to zero is not good for the battery. It’s even worse than charging it past 100 percent. These two habits can lead to the need for iPhone battery replacement. To keep the battery in good shape, plug your phone in when it is charged around 40 percent.

10. Keeping unnecessary apps

If you have apps on your phone that you don’t use, delete them, especially if they use a lot of battery power. Don’t leave apps that you rarely look at running in the background of your phone either. Keeping your storage under control helps your iPhone battery life.

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