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My iPhone won't charge - Charging port issues and replacement

iphone won't charge

Phones are among the most advanced phones that are widely used today. The technology used while making these devices has been carefully developed to become highly efficient and reliable. However, the more advanced the technology, the more complicated it often gets. Technology and electronic devices are also eventually expected to fail due to wearing over time.

A non-charging iPhone poses a lot of problems to the phone’s user, both psychological and practical. Phones have become part of our daily lives. A non-charging iPhone eventually may not be accessible to the user denying him access to the information stored in the phone or the resources from the phone that the user relies on a daily basis.


It is important to make sure that whenever your iPhone shows charging-related problems, you send it to a technician for checking and diagnosis. The phone may refuse to charge to several reasons. Some of the issues may be electronic while others may just be environmental.


Accumulation of dust or oil materials on the port may prevent the phone from charging. Dust or oil may prevent some ports from contacting well with the charging mechanisms. This can be solved by cleaning the accumulated dust. It is, however, important to get the accumulated dust cleaned by a technician with the right cleaning fluid and methods to make sure that you don’t damage anything.

More often, people who work in open fields or “dusty” places of work are advised to keep their phones in a dirt proof place and ensure they get their phones regularly cleaned. The port may also be obstructed by a foreign object such as a piece of wood or plastic. It is important for the iPhone to be serviced by a trained technician while removing any objects to avoid damaging other parts of the phone.


If your charging port has touched reactive chemical substances, it may lead to a reaction between the charging port parts and the chemicals. Charging ports are usually metallic. Most metals may react with chemicals to form oxidized compounds that do not conduct electric currents and ultimately prevent the phone from charging.


Sometimes the problem is not the charging port; it may be another primary fault that may not be even related to the port. Before concluding that it’s the port, you need to perform the following basic tests and diagnosis

– Make sure the wall outlet is okay.

– Verify that the plug is fine

– Check the USB cable to ensure it’s okay and has no visible physical damage

– Reboot the iPhone to check for the phone software issues.

It is important to make sure that you protect your phone against dust, dirt, falling, shock, or chemicals. These are some of the main things that contribute to the main charging-related problems. If you work in a “dirty” place where you are likely to come in contact with these materials, make sure that you use

some protection for your devices.

Take it to iZeek

You deserve a device that works when you need it to. When things aren’t going right, our technicians can help with any issue that you’re facing. We know you don’t have all day so we’ll return your device as quickly as possible

iPhone charging port replacement usually take under 25 minutes but most of the time charging port cleaning do the job. we have the right tools and fluids and can bring your phone back to life in matter of minutes.

If you need a charging port diagnostic or any phone repair questions

Give us a call today 2034155211

or stop by

Hamden: 1890 Dixwell Ave Hamden CT 06514

New Haven: 250 College St New Haven CT 06510

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