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Computer Online Support

Call 203.415.5211 for Immediate Remote Computer Repair

1890 Dixwell Ave Hamden Connecticut, 06514
iZeek Online remote computer support can troubleshoot your computer and fix specific problems through the web. Our Remote support technician will be able to see your screen and control your mouse and keyboard while you watch. We will work to solve your problem remotely at that time. For your computer to be repaired remotely, it will need to function well enough to access the internet.
  • Adware/Spyware Clean Up

  • Message Errors

  • Email Support

  • Log-in issues

  • Facebook / Yahoo / Google

  • Fixing a slow computer

  • Driver Installation

  • Hard Drive Defragmentation

  • Startup Optimization

  • Virus Scan


Call 203.415.5211 for Immediate Remote Computer Repair or leave us your info and one of our tech will get back to within our business hours.

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Virus removal

Is your PC infected with spyware or a virus? iZeek certified technicians can find and remove all infections without you losing all of your files.

Tune up service

Is your computer running slow or frequently crashing? iZeek certified technicians will use a variety of techniques and can get your PC or laptop running fast again.


Are you experiencing PC or laptop problems that you can’t explain? iZeek certified technicians can diagnose and repair your unknown computer problems.

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