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Why Certified Pre-Owned Phones Are a Good Option

Shopping for a new phone can be a daunting task that leaves many cell phone users feeling defeated, ready to give up, and willing just keep their old phone. There are so many factors to consider. Smartphone or feature phone? iPhone or Android? QWERTY keyboard or touchpad? Or there are also phones with no keys at all—just the touchscreen. You also consider the size of the screen, desired camera resolution…the list goes on and on. One of the most important questions many people don’t know to ask themselves is, “Should I consider certified pre-owned phones?”

At iZeek, many of the unlocked phones we offer are certified. This means they are thoroughly inspected and refurbished to like-new conditions. Just like with a certified used car, we can then offer the phone to our customers at substantial savings over a new model. While there are many places to buy refurbished phones, we have very high standards for our customers. Most of the options you might find across the internet would not past our rigorous testing.

So, what does “certified” mean anyway?

Each phone we receive goes through a course of meticulous testing by skilled technicians. Then, if necessary, they repair, reface, and/or update each phone with the most up-to-date software. Once this is completed, each phone is tested again to ensure you are getting only the highest quality! We test many things about the phone including audio and sound quality, signal strength, screen display, battery power, visual cosmetic look, and more.

Okay, but why do people buy these? Surely, it’s easier to just buy new, right?

Although this might seem like a long, difficult process, buying a certified phone is just as simple for the customer as buying a new one—the hardest part is deciding which model to get!

So, what is the main reason value-conscious consumers are buying certified phones instead of new ones? One word: savings. At iZeek, we value a good deal, and we want to make sure we offer the best prices to our customers. Certified phones are much more inexpensive, oftentimes close to 65% discounted compared to their out-of-the-package friends. In addition to this, many people opt for purchasing a certified phone over a new one to avoid many carriers’ strict upgrade policies and contracts. Don’t worry though, as a iZeek customer, you are never locked into a contract. Instead, we work hard every single day to earn your business each month. We just want to provide a great service with quality phones at a great price. We believe that offering certified phones to our customers is one of the best ways to do that.

Savings sound great, but I haven’t heard great things about certified phones.


Well, there are quite a few common myths about certified phones out there. First, many people assume that buying refurbished is no different than simply buying used. You can probably buy a used phone relatively cheap through e-bay or other private-party selling sites. Unfortunately, these are not the same as a refurbished phone from a certified dealer. Many times, someone will just delete their personal information from a phone and sell it as used. But when a phone is refurbished, it goes through all the testing, repairs, and inspections mentioned previously. There is no guarantee of quality (or money back if necessary) with buying a used phone. iZeek’s 30-day warranty backs every certified phone, because we are confident that you will be satisfied with your selection!


Another myth about certified phones is that they are dirty. You may have thought, “You don’t know where that’s been!” This couldn’t be further from the truth. All phones are meticulously cleaned top to bottom during our certification process, including inside speakers and ports.


Lastly, the myth that a certified phone is more likely to break couldn’t be further from the truth. In the world of technology with rapid, never-ending upgrades, we are told that a phone is only good for about a year or maybe two. But in reality, most are designed with high quality hardware that lasts much longer than that! Additionally, phones are not refurbished if they are not in good condition to begin with. Many phones end up falling out during our inspection process for this very reason.

If you’re looking for the best deal on a high-quality phone, a certified phone is the best option for you. Visit our shop to see which one might best fit your needs, and rest easy knowing that you’ll receive only the best from iZeek!

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