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What to Do When Your Computer is Infected by a Virus

Computer viruses are codes that are created with malicious intentions. They cause computer systems to malfunction and may lead to loss of important information.

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What to Do When Your Computer is Infected by a Virus

You need to use the best antivirus software you can afford to avoid this issue. However, with increasing connectivity of computers through the internet, the spread of viruses is more common. Even computers with antivirus software could become infected and malfunction. Some signs that your computer is infected by a virus include:

  • Sudden slowness in computer operations.

  • Flashing pop-ups.

  • Programs opening without you commanding them to.

  • Some files cannot be opened.

  • The computer refusing to boot.

  • A warning message by your antivirus software stating that the computer is infected.

If you experience any of these signs you need to take action. What should you do? Here is a look at the options you have.


A virus usually comes from another device to yours. This can be through the internet or connected devices such as hard drives and flash drives. The first thing to do is to remove the potential source. If your computer is connected to any peripheral devices, remove them. Also disconnect the internet.


If you have an antivirus program installed, run it. Do not just quick scan but perform a deep scan. This will check all parts of the computer for viruses and remove any found. Allow the antivirus software to remove all threats. Observe if the signs of infection are over or they persist. If the latter happens, proceed with the options below.


Starting your computer in safe mode opens critical functions on the computer. In this mode, you can safely backup personal files. Use a virus-free hard drive with enough storage to keep everything. Do not backup program files as these may be infected by the virus.


You can safely wipe the data from your computer’s hard drive after backing up what you need. Format the drive and reinstall the operating system. Formatting will remove everything including the virus that affected the computer. Reinstall the system and later install the programs you need. Do not forget to install antivirus software. Next, send the personal files you backed up to the computer.


Your ability to do the above actions will depend on how tech-savvy you are. Do not attempt to do something you are unsure of. Instead, seek professional help when you think your computer has a virus infection. Seek iZeek services from an expert who knows how to handle computer virus issues. When you seek the services of an expert you can expect to get back a computer that is virus-free and protected from future infections.

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