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The 7 Most Common iPad Problems and How to Fix Them

Are you satisfied with your Apple products like your iPhone or iPad? After all, there’s no level of satisfaction that can match owning an Apple device. The numbers back that up.

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Apple devices have the highest satisfaction rating in the PC and tablet industry, earning a sizable 83% satisfaction rating, with Amazon lagging a bit behind.

Even then, you can’t take away some iPads having issues here and there. Is your iPad having a problem?

Don’t worry! We’re here to help you with the iPad issues you’re experiencing. Here are seven of the most common iPad problems and how to repair them.

1. Apps Like Chrome Keeps Crashing

Applications tend to be a troublesome bunch. Sometimes, you get unlucky, and a bad update installs on your iPad. You might have something like Chrome keeps crashing.

What do you do? Close the app completely! The iPad keeps what we call a cache to launch recent apps quicker.

If you have a new iPad or iPhone with no Home Button, swipe up from the button and pause in the middle of the screen. If you have an earlier iPad with a home button, double-click the home button.

If you have iOS 12 devices, pick the apps and swipe up to close the app. If you have an earlier iOS, here’s how you do it.

In the window, press the icon of the crashing app with a finger and hold. Wait for it to shake and show a close (X) button on the top left. Press the X button, and it will go away.

What this does is that it force quits the app and clears it from memory. If clearing it from memory doesn’t work, the next best thing is to uninstall the app by holding the app icon and press the x button while the app is shaking.

You can then download a fresh copy from the App Store instead of suffering when Chrome keeps crashing.

2. iPad WiFi Not Connecting

The new iPads tends to run smooth as butter. However, some devices may experience problems connecting with their WiFi network. Are you having trouble?

First, try to look at your settings if your tablet can find the WiFi connection. If it’s not working, try to reset your router if possible. Does the issue persist?

Then the next thing to do is restart the iPad. This can help reset the hardware to detect a better signal. Still in trouble?

See if the problem is with a specific network or with any WiFi connection.

For network-specific problems, go to Settings > WiFi, tap on the network you want to forget and press “Forget This Network” and then try to reconnect to the same network using the right credentials.

Is your iPad not working with any wireless connection? Then what you want is to reset the device. Tap the volume up button, volume down button and hold the top button.

Hold the top button until the device shows an iTunes with the lightning connector image on the screen. Connect it to your iTunes.

3. iPad Screen Keeps Freezing

If your iPad screens are freezing, there are some possible issues related to this. There might be software conflicts or memory corruption that puts your iPad on a loop.

The number one solution to this is to turn the iPad off and then on again. You can do so by pressing and holding the power button. Swipe the slide to power off.

It sounds cliché, but it works. The process of turning it off and on again resets the hardware to its default state before the crash, flushing the memory.

Does it keep persisting? Force restart the iPad.

Press the volume up button once, press and release the volume down button and, soon afterward, press and hold the Power Button until the device restarts.

Make sure that it’s not an Apple device hardware issue. You might need to send it to experts if it’s hardware.

4. Apple Device Stuck on Startup Logo

An iPad getting stuck on the startup Apple logo is a different problem altogether. The issue may stem from various problems like the boot software.

Your goal is to reset the iPad’s software to factory settings. Be warned, however, that this will delete your iPad’s data. Make sure to try and turn it on and off a few times before going this route.

To reset, press the volume Up, volume Down and the top/side power button in succession. Hold the power button until you see the connect to iTunes image.

Connect it to your PC or Mac’s iTunes through the lightning cable and follow the instructions on iTunes.

5. iTunes Does Not Recognize the Device

When iTunes does not recognize an iPad, the problem may stem from either the iTunes or the iPad. Start with iTunes.

Update the software. If you’re using a Mac, go to Apple menu (Apple logo) > System Preferences > Software Update. If you have a PC, open iTunes and choose Help > Check for Updates.

Does it still fail to recognize? Restart the iPad, turn it off and on again and swipe the slider, then turn it on. Same problem?

Check with another lightning cable, then check with another USB port.

Restart your Mac or PC and try again. The last thing you want to do but can do is uninstall your iTunes and download a fresh copy online.

6. iPad Not Charging

Do you have an iPad not turning on? Try to connect it first to a charging cable and see if it is showing the charging icon. If it does, then your iPad is not charging.

If your iPad does not charge, make sure you have your charger connected to the wall socket because a lightning connection to a USB port won’t cut it.

Does the problem persist? Test with a different charger and a different lightning cable since you might have a faulty power adapter or cable or you have a low wattage USB power charger.

Make sure that the charger is 12 watts, since a 5-watt charger is best for an iPhone, while a 12-watt USB power charger is for iPads.

If it’s still not working, bring it to a team of experts at iZeek to check the hardware. You can do the same with your iPhone repair needs.

7. iPad Not Turning On

You’d know the iPad will not turn on if it only shows a black screen. The possible issue is that the battery is dead or does not take in any power, so you will see the iPad not turning on.

Perform a full reset. Press the volume up, volume down and then the top button and wait for any logo to show up.

The iPad not turning on after doing so? Plug it to the charger. Connect the lightning cable and let it sit for at least 20 minutes.

Try to power it on and do a reset. Same trouble? Call iZeek 2034155211.

How to Take Care of Common iPad Problems

Apple has made its hardware and software robust. If you are having the common iPad problems, don’t worry.

You can solve them by common troubleshooting like shutting it down, force restarting or resetting.

Make sure to do everything in your power first before opting for a full reset as this will delete your data.

If you might believe that it’s beyond you, don’t you think it’s time to let the experts work? We at iZeek are there to help.

iZeek provides expert repairs to your mobile devices and tablets. iPad stops working? If you’re in the Hamden CT, bring it in.

Talk to us and have our certified technicians help you today. You shouldn’t separate more than an hour from your device. There’s no better place than iZeek to help.

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