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Tablet Screen Crack Types, Risks and Remedies

There are a few common issues that may take place with various tablets, both from Apple and other manufacturers, and one of the most well-known is screen cracking. Certain kinds of minor cracks on a tablet screen might not be too big a deal, but other types, and especially larger or more significant ones, create several issues, from safety and injury concerns to usability problems.

At iZeek, we’re here to help. We offer a huge range of tablet repair services for a number of different issues that have taken place on your tablet, including those that have dealt with cracks. We’re happy to take a look at any cracking issue you’re dealing with, large or small, and recommend the most cost-effective solution. And as our techs will tell you if you bring any cracked tablet into us, not all cracks are created equal here. Today’s blog is a primer on the various kinds of cracks you may see on a tablet, plus what should likely be done about them (if anything).

Small Cracks

For certain very tiny cracks, especially those in corners or less-used parts of the screen, there may not be any need to take immediate action. Such minor cracks will not interfere with your use of the tablet and will not risk any injury.

However, one major recommendation if you plan to move forward without addressing minor cracks: Invest in a screen protector. This will help stop the risk of the existing crack(s) spreading further, which you should also be keeping an eye on.

In other cases, if you’re dealing with a very new tablet, you may be covered under warranty. Check the fine print here, which may also depend on the cause of the cracks – were they due to your error, or were they present when you purchased the tablet? Be sure to read carefully.

Spreading Cracks

As we noted above, one major area to keep an eye on for smaller cracks is their potential spread. This will not always happen, but it often does, whether immediately or over the course of several subsequent weeks and months.

At this point, it’s a good idea to bring the device in to our team for an inspection. There might be some situations where it’s the most cost-effective move for you to repair the cracks, but there will also be others where we recommend screen replacement because it’s actually more affordable and cost-effective. There will even be some where we just recommend a screen protector because the cracks aren’t particularly risky. Of course, if the cracks in question are creating cutting risks or any problems for your fingers, this will not be the case.


As we move up the scale, some of the more damaging kinds of cracks you may see on a tablet screen are those that distort the color or other elements of the display screen. These are often longer, deeper cracks that are not only likely to cause problems with the actual functional qualities of the tablet, but may also risk cuts and other injuries due to how deep they are and the materials they expose.

These are also the type where, even if you have a screen protector, it will only have limited effectiveness. It will not stop these cracks from worsening, for starters, and will not limit the usability issues that are present – if a crack is blocking you from being able to use the touchscreen in a certain area of the tablet, that is, using a screen protector will not fix this issue at all.

For these kinds of cracks, it’s generally a must that you bring the tablet in to our pros for an evaluation – or consider upgrading your device. These cracks will never improve, and will almost always worsen to the eventual point where the tablet can’t be used at all.

Side-to-Side Cracking

Another highly problematic form of cracking is the side-to-side crack, which usually refers to very deep cracks that span from the edges of one side all the way to the other. We will note that side-to-side cracks often give you a bit more time than color-distortion cracks – they may allow for a bit more functionality immediately after they’re created, for instance, and you may be able to go a week or two without any changes while you evaluate your options.

However, just like other forms of cracks, these will eventually worsen with time. You might be able to buy a short period where the tablet still functions well enough right away, but this will diminish with every passing day. You should strongly consider bringing the tablet to our team for a repair evaluation as soon as you can, especially if you have sensitive info you don’t want to lose.

Several Simultaneous Cracks

Finally, the worst of these cracking scenarios is when multiple cracks appear on your screen at the same time. These often are the result of a significant impact of some kind, especially to tablets that are not equipped with a screen protector to help prevent some of these risks.

These cracks are particularly damaging because of the way they impact screen navigation. Screens with multiple cracks may not recognize your touch at all, or may think your finger is in the wrong location due to how their sensors have been impacted. These screens usually are beyond repair and require replacement.

For more on how to deal with cracks on your tablet screen, or to learn about any of our phone repair, computer repair or other device repair services, speak to the staff at iZeek Repair today. Get an instant quote here


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