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Some iPhone 13 and iOS 15 users affected by touch screen responsiveness bugs

Apple released iOS 15 and the iPhone 13 to the public last week, and a handful of early bugs have emerged since then. Now, users of the iPhone 13 are taking to Reddit and Twitter to report touch screen responsiveness issues on their new devices. Interestingly, however, the problem also seems to extend back to older iPhones with iOS 15 as well.

On Reddit, users report that their iPhone 13 touch screen sometimes fails to respond to touch, both on the public release of iOS 15 as well as with the iPhone 15.1 beta. The issue affects the tap to wake functionality of the iPhone as well as interaction with other aspects of the iOS interface.

Initially, this seemed like a bug that solely affected the new iPhone 13 lineup. On Twitter, however, reports have also emerged from users of older iPhones who say they are experiencing this same problem after updating to the public release of iOS 15 last week (via MacRumors). This means that it’s likely not a hardware problem affecting the iPhone 13, but rather a software bug in iOS 15.

The fix for these issues in most cases appears to be a reboot of the affected iPhone. Some users note that they can also simply repeatedly tap the display to “wake” the screen up.

Apple is currently beta testing iOS 15.1, but it appears that the touch responsiveness issue is still present in the latest beta. iOS 15.1 beta 2, however, does resolve the Apple Watch Unlock problem that was affecting iPhone 13 users.

It remains to be seen whether Apple is planning an iOS 15.0.1 update to resolve some of the early problems affecting iOS 15 users and iPhone 13 users. It could also be that Apple is planning to roll out all of the fixes, along with SharePlay, as part of iOS 15.1.

Have you experienced any notable bugs since updating to iOS 15 or with your new iPhone 13? Let us know down in the comments.

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