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So you broke your iPad? 10 Things you need to do ASAP!

Well… it happened. You broke your beautiful iPad. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to undo the past. But what you can do – is to stop worrying and face the situation with a calm and peaceful mind. If you follow the steps below, you can ensure that you will get a properly fixed iPad back in your hands for the least amount of money – usually between $49 and $175. This is not bad, especially when you consider the alternative of total loss or replacement.

iPad Screen repair Hamden CT
iPad Screen Repair

So, lets get started. Here’s what you need to do

1. Assess the damage to the iPad front glass.

Be careful you do not cut yourself on glass that may be cracked or even shattered. Do NOT continue to use the iPad if the top glass is broken as serious injury can occur. Put the device in a sealable bag.

2. Avoid any toxins that may be leaking from the iPad battery.

This is actually quite rare and would likely result only from very serious damage to the entire case (like driving over it with a car). If your battery is leaking you will likely smell a strange odor or see a small amount of oily liquid coming out of the iPad. Put the device inside a sealable bag as quickly as possible and avoid contact. You will need to have a iZeek professional replace this battery.

3. See if your iPad still charges.

Try connecting it to your computer via the low voltage USB cable and see if the battery charging symbol comes up on the screen. If it is not charging, you may need a USB port repair.

4. While still connected to the computer, see if your iPad will connect to iTunes.

If it does, do a sync (which includes a full backup). This is always a good idea… but it is especially important before you send your iPad away for a needed repair.

5. Check to see if the LCD is still working properly.

This is the illuminated screen that sits underneath the top glass. It is most often the case that this still works, even when the iPad glass is shattered. If you see wavy lines or a screen that distorts your images, you may need to replace your LCD.

6. Test all your wireless connections to see if they are still operating properly.

First, the WiFi. Do you still have full bars on the WiFi signal? Next the 3G signal (if you have the AT&T or Verizon iPad). How many bars do you see? If everything looks normal, you can breath a sigh of relief!

7. Test the cameras.

This only applies to the iPad 2, but you should test both the front and rear camera after any damage to your iPad. Smile if everything is still working! Otherwise, you may need to replace the iPad camera.

8. Check out the back of your iPad.

Is the aluminum back plate still nice and “square”… or has it been bent or damaged? If you need to also repair a broken front glass screen, this can be important. Minor corner scratches and dents are usually okay… but major damage to the back plate can hinder the repair.

9. Test all the buttons.

That includes the power button on top, the volume toggle, the home button, and the silent screen/rotation lock switch.

10. Find a great iPad repair company.

Make a list of all the problems and get your iPad fixed. Call 2034155211 so one of our tech can take a look at it or just stop by at our store so we can inspect the device. We located at 1890 Dixwell Ave Hamden CT, 06514 across form home depot.

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