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Signs That Your Device Needs A New Battery

If your smartphone, tablet, or computer won’t hold a charge or doesn’t last more than a few hours, you can give it extended, like-new battery life by replacing the battery.

But how do you know if a battery replacement is a right decision for your device?

We asked our knowledgeable technicians to list the signs that a device could use a new battery.

Sign #1: Your battery doesn’t last a day of standard use

The daily average smartphone, tablet, or computer battery life is dependent on how frequently the device is used and for what purposes. For example, a person who spends most of their time only on social media is going to have a longer battery life than somebody who plays mobile games because games use more processing power. But on a full charge, a healthy battery should last most of the day with standard use. If it doesn’t, the device could benefit from a battery replacement.

Sign #2: Your device gets very hot or noisy

A device will sometimes fluctuate in temperature based on the environment, but another sign of a failing battery is extreme heat or noise from a device when it’s inside or in a cool place. A hot or noisy device means that the battery is working in overdrive to complete what you’re asking it to do. If you’re only using your device for social media, work tasks, or a simple program and you’re still getting excessive heat or fan noise, your device could benefit from a battery replacement.

Sign #3: You’ve ruled out charge port or charger issues

If your battery won’t charge or reach 100% charge, it’s important to rule out a problem with your charge port or charging cord. This is easily done by plugging your device into a new cord or a cord that you’re positive is functional. If your device suddenly works with a new cord, the issue was likely with your charger. If your device still does not work with a new cord or through wireless charging, the issue is with your charge port or battery. A repair professional like the helpful techs at iZeek Repair would be happy to examine your device and help you figure out which issue you’re facing.

If you can relate to one or more of these signs, take this as your sign to learn more about the benefits of a battery replacement. To get an instant quote for your device click here.

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