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Signs It’s Time to Replace Your iPhone Battery

Do you need a new iPhone battery?

If you’ve owned your iPhone for more than a year, there’s a good chance the answer to that question is yes. According to Apple, the battery can receive 500 complete charge cycles while retaining 80 percent of its original capacity. So, if you charge your iPhone every day – or more than once a day – the battery may need showing signs of wear.

Watch out for the following issues, as they indicate that now may be the time to replace your iPhone battery.

iPhone Battery Replacement iZeek Fix It
iPhone Battery

Your iPhone Shuts Down Suddenly

If your iPhone unexpectedly shuts down when the battery still has a good charge, it isn’t a good sign.

While a calibration problem could be to blame – which is easy to resolve with a full charge and a soft reset – shutting down all of a sudden is more likely due to a worn battery. To avoid future shut-downs, you may need a new iPhone battery.

Your iPhone Works Only When Plugged In

Your iPhone is supposed to function when it’s charging – but not only when it’s charging.

If you unplug your device from the charger and it immediately dies, that isn’t normal. The battery might not be completely lifeless, but you’ll need to replace it if you want to end your reliance on an outside power source.

Your iPhone Is Hot to the Touch

When you pick up your smartphone, you shouldn’t feel any heat – the battery is designed to keep the heat from recharging inside.

If you’re using your device to take selfies in the sun, or it’s been sitting on your car dashboard on a hot day, that’s likely why it feels hot. If you have no explanation for the heat, however, you probably need a new iPhone battery.

Do You Need to Replace Your iPhone Battery?

With the right iPhone repair specialist, you can get a new battery installed for an affordable price. And, you won’t have to live without your device for long – the process should take less than an 15 minutes, depending upon when you come in.

If you live in Hamden or New Haven and you need to replace your iPhone battery, turn to the repair experts at iZeek. Our transparent pricing means you’ll know how much battery replacement costs ahead of time.

To learn more about our iPhone repair services, or for a professional opinion on whether it’s time to replace your iPhone battery, contact iZeek Repair today.


iZeek provides on-premises repair of cell phones, iPads, game systems and other electronic gadgets while-you-wait service. Specializing in water damage, charging ports, broken LCDs and much more, iZeek has the capability of fully restoring damaged devices in-store and usually in under a 15 min. Call us today 2034155211 or Get an instant quote for your repair here

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Fix Factor
Fix Factor
25 août 2022

iPhone is an expensive device on which people invest a good amount of money. However, no one can claim or give 100% surety that any machine or smart device that works lasts forever. Several events or miss occurs at any time with anything. If your iPhone is not working correctly or causing some issues, you may drop it down accidentally, or the screen breaks. Do not be panic, instead hire skilled and qualified tech from Fix Factor.

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