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How Much Does An iPhone Screen Repair Cost?

Average Cost to Fix Cracked iPhone Screen

You’ve dropped your iPhone and the screen is cracked. Or it’s smashed into a spider’s web of sadness. Once you’ve stopped berating yourself for dropping it, because shame isn’t going to fix the screen, you’ll need to hand it over to someone who can replace it for you.

izeek repair technician fixing an iPhone x screen
iPhone X Screen Repair at iZeek

iPhone Screen Repair Costs

The screen and LCD display are fused together, so it’s highly unlikely you can have the glass replaced without also replacing the LCD display as well. Below are costs from around the country for screen glass repairs and LCD replacement.

3rd Party Repair Company Costs

  • iPhone 11 Pro, Pro Max $220/ $280 - iZeek beat that

  • iPhone 11 $160/ $220 - iZeek beat that

  • iPhone X,XR,XS $160/ $200 - iZeek beat that

  • iPhone 7,8 Plus $90/ $140 - iZeek beat that

  • iPhone 7,8 $90/ $130 - iZeek beat that

  • iPhone 6S Plus $90 - iZeek beat that

  • iPhone 6S $70/ $90 - iZeek beat that

  • iPhone 6 Plus $80 - iZeek beat that

  • iPhone 6 $70/ $80 - iZeek beat that

Apple Repair Center Cost (Out of Warranty)

  • iPhone 11, 11 Pro, Pro Max $200/ $379

  • iPhone XS Max $329

  • iPhone XS, X $279

  • iPhone 8 Plus, 7 Plus $169

  • iPhone 8, 7 $149

  • iPhone 6s Plus $169

  • iPhone 6s $149

  • iPhone 6 Plus $149

  • iPhone 6 $129

For Apple to repair your iPhone that's out of warranty, prices start at $129 for older phones, and go up to $379 for the brand new models. Before Apple repairs your screen, you’ll need to carry out their pre-service instructions so you can protect your information. It involves things like having your ID and proof of purchase ready and, if you’re mailing it in, erasing your device.

Apple’s iPhone Warranty

Apple’s service is wonderful if you have a store near you and can book your appointment ahead of time, but it won’t cover dropping your phone. According to Apple, their “Limited Warranty for iPhone covers your iPhone for one year. Warranty service for eligible repairs is available at no charge for twelve months from the date of original retail purchase ("date of purchase").

However, if your phone isn’t working because of an accident (you dropped it/your girlfriend threw it at you/your puppy thought it looked tasty), the warranty won’t cover the cost to repair it.

Third Party iPhone Screen Repair Costs

Be aware that if anyone other than Apple or an Apple service provider opens up your phone, any warranty or partial warranty you have will no longer apply. But if all your warranties have run out, a third-party service can be extremely helpful with prices that average $80 to $280 for screen repair. Don’t just bring it to any store though. Check out places first on site like Yelp/Google to make sure customers have been pleased with their repair work.

Repair Time

Some shops will give you a same-day repair service while others will take a day or two. Obviously, it depends on how much work your iPhone needs to be fully functional again.

At iZeek most iPhone repairs take less then 15 minutes


Most third-party repair shops give you a thirty-day warranty on their repair work. At iZeek there's 90-Days warranty on iPhone Screen Repair


iZeek provides on-premises repair of cell phones, iPads, game systems and other electronic gadgets while-you-wait service. Specializing in water damage, charging ports, broken LCDs and much more, iZeek has the capability of fully restoring damaged devices in-store and usually in under a 15 min. Call us today 2034155211 or Get a quote for your repair here

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