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Do You Know The Most Serious Types of iPhone Problems?

Almost everyone alive has felt the sinking feeling of discovering unexpected property damage. Yet significant differences exist between a minor repair issue and a potentially costly one. For example, most drivers would rather see a vehicle’s “check tire pressure” warning illuminate on the dashboard computer than feel the sudden jolt of a tire tread disintegrating beneath the vehicle as it moves along the road. Inflating the tires costs considerably less than purchasing a brand new set.

Customers who buy a new iPhone enjoy a limited warranty supplied by the manufacturer. It remains in effect for a 12-month period of time. This protection covers certain types of iPhone repair issues, but not others. This brief article highlights some common problems falling outside the scope of the first-year warranty. Before spending to extend your phone’s limited warranty protections, it proves helpful to learn about some of the potential issues this type of contract typically won’t cover:

1. Submerging the iPhone in Water: If you accidentally drop your phone into a body of water, you void its warranty coverage. Phones falling into toilets, sinks, swimming pools, fountains, spas, and other aqueous environments frequently sustain extensive damage!

2. Protective Surface Coverings: Use extreme caution applying any protective surface coatings or sealants to your iPhone. If these materials cause mechanical issues, the warranty won’t cover the repair bills.

3. Battery Malfunctions: In most cases, manufacturers won’t supply free repair services if a battery damages a customer’s smartphone.

4. Scratched or Dented Screens: One common source of phone problems relates to the condition of the screen. This highly sensitive area of the device readily sustains damage from accidental scrapes and abrasions. Unfortunately, a limited warranty typically won’t cover this type of loss.

5. Damage Caused by Third Party Repairs: Customers should exercise care in seeking repair services, and only patronize qualified repair firms. Accidental damage resulting from careless repair efforts falls outside the scope of the limited warranty.

6. Locked Phone Issues: If you cannot unlock your phone, the limited warranty typically can’t offer repair assistance. A customer who fails to manage a password effectively runs the risk of losing all warranty protections. For this reason, make sure you keep your password stored (in writing) in a separate secure location; this strategy could help you prevent losing access to your iPhone someday.


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