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Does a Smashed iPhone Screen Mean Internal Phone Damage?

Once you’ve picked up your dropped iPhone to see a shattered or smashed iPhone screen, you join an elite, yet unnamed club of smartphone users. Well, let’s face it…the truth is the club probably isn’t all that elite. Shattered iPhone screens are incredibly common, so at least you can take some comfort in knowing you definitely aren’t alone! You may feel shock, horror, sadness, despair when you smash your iPhone. However, one thing is for sure—you immediately wonder how much damage has really been done. You also wonder whether or not the damage goes beyond the screen and into the internal operations of the device.

Firstly, sorry you had to join the club. Secondly, our team of cell phone repair experts is here to help you get the information you need to know when facing a smashed iPhone screen.

What Happens When You Smash Your iPhone Screen?

We all know it’s important to protect iPhones to keep the screen and internal functions of the device intact. But, this knowledge doesn’t always prevent the worst case scenario—your phone meeting the pavement, tile or wood floor, countertop, or other hard surface. Unless, you are really lucky, the result is typically a smashed screen…or sometimes just a crack. Either way, you will want to know right away whether or not your device is still usable.

The iPhone’s complex design makes it prone to major damages if it is hit hard at the right angle. The screen, being the most fragile part of the phone, is somewhat protected by screen protectors and cases. However, these layers of protection don’t always keep the phone safe against an impact.

Because the iPhone screen works as a control board for the phone, smashing the screen may mean you can’t use the icons that allow you to navigate your device, rendering it useless to you. Even a small crack, which seems minor isn’t.  That crack can let dirt and dust into the internal components, which can impact the way it works.

How to Determine If Your Smashed iPhone Has Internal Damage

If your iPhone is still under the Apple warranty, you may just want to trek on over the Apple repair store to have it checked out. They may be able to replace or repair the device. However, some people prefer to get an assessment from a third party repair provider and avoid Apple altogether. Here are some reasons you might want to do that when you are trying to figure out the level of damage to your smashed iPhone:

  • As we stated, if your phone is no longer under warranty, a reliable third party cell phone repair shop is your best bet. They will be able to assess your damaged iPhone screen and take a look inside the phone to determine the damage that was done to the internal functioning.

  • Many people like to avoid the long waits and expensive repairs often experienced at an Apple store. In this case, going to a local repair shop is a good option. Instead of being just a number, you can speak with a qualified repair person who will listen to your concerns and requests and then carefully assess the damage to your phone. This type of personalized service is helpful when you are already feeling stressed out about your smashed iPhone screen.

  • Being able to get a free repair estimate is important to many people who are trying to determine the level of damage to their iPhone. The last thing they want is surprises when they get the repair bill. A reliable third party repair service should be able to take a look at your smashed iPhone screen and the internal components of the device and then give you a fair estimate for the repair that will be required to have your device working optimally once again.

Choose the Local Experts to Repair Your Smashed iPhone Screen

At iZeek Repair, we will help you assess the damage quickly. We understand that you aren’t happy about joining the damaged iPhone club. We will do all we can to provide professional repairs while you wait. You can expect caring customer service, a free quote, and accurate repairs, so you can get your iPhone working again the way you need it to work.

Need smashed iPhone screen repair? Click to get a free estimate, or call (203) 415-5211. We can fix that phone!

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