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New iPhone 11 release Today, price, news and leaks.

The three new iPhone 11 models will be camera-focused

The three new iPhone 11 models will be camera-focused

The iPhone 11 launch is today at 10am PT / 1pm EST, and as we edge closer to September 10 new iPhone leaks and rumors continue to spill out.

Although we don't know exactly how the iPhone 11 launch will play out, leaks suggest we're set to see three new phones, including a potential successor to the 'affordable' iPhone XR that we're provisionally dubbing the iPhone 11R.

The third handset is currently expected to be the iPhone 11 Pro, although some leaks have referred to it as the iPhone 11 Pro Max, so it's not clear what that device will be called when it hits store shelves.

Looking for a massively upgraded iPhone? You're probably going to be disappointed this year, as the upgrades we're hearing about aren't hugely exciting – in fact, based on the leaks we've seen the new phones are set to be remarkably similar to the 2018 iPhone range.

We've got some experience sifting through these rumors – we've been at it for over a decade now – and nothing we've picked up suggests we'll see anything particularly new or innovative.

That said, Apple's tagline for the iPhone 11 launch is 'By innovation only' with a modernized Apple logo – so perhaps there's still a surprise or two in the works.

Here's what we're not expecting this year: 5G in the new iPhone, the Lightning connector to get dropped, or a foldable phone. These are all set to figure in future iPhones, but we're almost certain they won't feature this year – and that could be the point when we see the iPhone Pro, if or when that appears.

What we do know is that the iPhone 11 will be the showcase for iOS 13 – the new handsets will be the first to sport the software out of the box.


What is it? The new iPhone 11 will be Apple's next flagship When is it out? September 10 – Today! What will it cost? Likely no more than last year's iPhone XS

The main change will be a camera upgrade – we're now fully expecting three sensors on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max, and just two on the iPhone 11R – with enhanced capabilities on each model.

What's of more interest is whether Apple will be pushing the iPhone 11R (if indeed it does call it that), as the iPhone XR is the phone that's most prominently featured on its iPhone home page – suggesting the cheaper phone could be the star of the show this year.

There will reportedly be some smart features added for charging, and Apple might finally have added in a feature that users have been crying out for – read on to find out the full rundown of what TechRadar's experts expect to see in the new iPhone in 2019.

Plus, you should expect even more from Apple today, as it's rumored to be announcing the Apple Watch 5, as well as release details for new software, namely iOS 13, watchOS 6 and iPadOS.

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