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How much does an iPhone screen repair cost?

At some point, almost every iPhone user will drop their phone and break the device’s screen. This kind of accidental damage is a relatively inexpensive fix to have done through an Apple store if the phone is under warranty. However, if it’s no longer covered by an Apple warranty, Apple’s fees increase significantly. Another repair option is having a cracked iPhone fixed by a third-party service provider, which is often less expensive. The main cost factors for screen repair are the model of the device and screen damage status - whether both layers of the screen—the glass (called the digitizer in some models) and the LCD layer—are broken; the larger the model, the more expensive it is to repair.

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Apple versus third-party repair company

Apple charges set fees for replacing a broken iPhone screen, which start at just $29 if it’s under AppleCare coverage. Out of warranty, replacing the glass screen costs $129-$329. Additional repairs, such as to the LCD or digitizer layer, cost anywhere from $149 to $599.

Third-party vendors, such as iZeek Repair at Hamden or New Haven location, may charge less and usually have a faster turnaround time. The cost of screen repair or replacement depends on the model. iZeek Repair techs can provide screen replacements and repairs service. We service iPhone models 5 through models X, iPad and other Android phones including Samsung and LG.

Have more questions about iPhone repair excluding broken and shattered screens (e.g., iPhone battery replacement, home button damage)? Click here to get a quote for your device or Contact us via phone at 203-415-5211

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