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7 Mistakes Cellphone Owners Make

One thing is sure: when you put people and technology together, there is bound to be some carnage, and some of the common things people do with their cellphones have unpleasant consequences. Here are some of the mistakes we’ve all made with our cells at one time or another. We hope that in reading this list, someone will rethink some of their less-than-ideal habits, and do something different. If your cellphone breaks, you are always welcome in our repair shop whatever the cause.

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Not having a case

A case is a cell phone’s coat of arms. The better the case, the more likely the phone will escape a drop unscathed. Plus, there are some stunning cases available.

Also, a phone with a case is likely to survive much more than being dropped. There are still those who feel the need to put their phone in their pocket or leave in unprotected in a room with a toddler. A sturdy case might keep that phone out of the repair shop.

Not having a Screen protector

If a case is armor for a cellphone, then the screen protector is the shield. Worst-case scenario, if the screen does break, a high-quality tempered glass screen protector will keep the screen together until the owner can get the screen replaced, and won’t have to bloody a finger in the process.

Not using a security code

If a non-secure cellphone happens to get lost, or ‘borrowed’ by a sneaky friend, it could mean anything as innocuous as having photos of someone sleeping with their mouth open, all the way up to having their Amazon account used to buy a mattress and box spring--directly from Sweden. (“Just return the unused item...”)

Using an aftermarket charger

Even though they’re cheap, aftermarket chargers also cause fire damage. Apple chargers are designed to shut off the current when the cellphone finishes charging; AMC’s are not.

Leaving the cellphone in heat

A cellphone is more sensitive than a baby Pekingese when it comes to hot temperatures. Even leaving it in the car for a few minutes during a Phoenix summer can damage a cellphone badly. Other culprits are direct sunlight and tucking your phone under your pillow or covers while it’s charging.

Using the phone in the bathroom

In addition to being the locale of many water damage incidents, using a phone in the bathroom is, well, nasty, especially since regular rubbing alcohol shouldn’t be used on the oleophobic coated screen. Anyone who is still unconvinced should do a Google search, ‘what is c.Diff?’ Just not while they’re in the bathroom.

Not having a hands-free device for the car

A hands-free device is a safety issue for the driver and the surrounding vehicles. The driver needs both hands and eyes to drive and to be able to see the road, which he can’t do if his eyes are on the screen. We can’t verify the claims that a person can travel three football fields in the time it takes them to read one text, but we can confirm that being distracted by a cell phone during an accident is grounds for a ‘distracted driving’ ticket.

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