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Top 5 Most Common Computer Repair Problems

When it comes to owning a computer, having to deal with computer problems and getting your computer repaired is to be expected. With so many pieces of hardware and so many ways for things to go wrong, it is no wonder that computer repair is such a large industry. We’ve identified the top 5 most common reasons a computer is taken in for repair.

Issues that can’t be ignored

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1. A Slow Computer

Many people take their computer into a repair shop because the computer is running too slow. The reason that your computer may be running slow could vary. You could potentially have too many files. You may also have some sort of spyware infection or even need to have more RAM installed. A good system tune-up will usually be what it takes to get your computer running back up to speed.

2. Poor Internet Connection

A computer that is experiencing a poor internet connection is another common reason people bring their computer in for repair. This is also a problem that isn’t always easy to fix for a repair shop. While the problem may be the result of some settings on the computer, it could also be the internet service provider. In that case, the problem is not up to the repair shop to fix.

3. Spyware Or Virus Infections

When you go on the internet, you face the risk of potentially infecting your computer with some sort of spyware or computer virus. Computer viruses have been around for decades, and they continue to cause havoc on today’s computers. These infections can delete your files, violate your computer privacy, and as stated above, even slow down your computer.

Your System Is Malfunctioning

4. Computer Fails To Boot

If your computer fails to boot, it can be quite a scary experience. The good news is that this can often be due to something as simple as a bad power supply. Simply replacing the power supply will get the computer back up and running without losing any of those precious files you thought you may have lost. However, there might be other reasons which may not be as simple as in this case, your computer will need to be taken in for repair.

5. Windows Fails To Load Properly

Finally, many people bring their computer in for repair because Windows fails to load properly. This is different from a computer that fails to turn on, as it clearly is not related to the power supply. Instead, this can be the result of some corrupt windows files or even a failing hard drive. If the problem is a failing hard drive, you may be in danger of losing your files. It’s important to back-up your files regularly.

All’s not lost

We use our computers for almost everything now and at Grace Computers we understand the role they play. We make sure to offer solutions to prevent the issues you face from ever occurring. We also ensure your computer has a data backup plan, tight security, virus and spyware protection, strong tech support, up-to-date hardware, adequate power protection, plus extras. power protection, plus extras.

If you experiencing any Computer issues iZeek certified technicians can diagnose and repair your computer problems.

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